Bill Garmen Post Producer

Post Producer

Bill Garmen is the premier Post Producer in Phoenix Arizona. From being on set, to in the bay, artistic to technical he can manage it all.

Client: Cable One

Spot: Dollhouse

Agency: E.B.Lane

Production Company: Karidis Productions

Post Production: Copper Post

This was by far one of the most complicated commercials I have worked on. The Art Department found an empty warehouse where they built a two story set with separate rooms and a working staircase. With the technocrane we made a nice arching move, however, because we did not have enough room in this warehouse, in post we had to extend the front of the move to add time to see the outside of the house. I was the Post Producer on the project for Copper Post. My focus on set was to make sure we had enough tracking markers to get a perfect track of all the live action and to hit our timing. We could only place tracking markers on the edges of the rooms because the talent crossed everywhere else. To throw in another wrinkle, once we got into editorial we ended up using two separate takes and combining them into one shot, one take for the beginning and another take for the end. So we had to find a way to blend the two takes into one seamless one. Below you will see a making of the spot and some photos from set.