Bill Garmen Post Producer

Post Producer

Bill Garmen is the premier Post Producer in Phoenix Arizona. From being on set, to in the bay, artistic to technical he can manage it all.



My name is Bill Garmen, and I am a Post Producer. From being on set, to in the bay, artistic to technical I can manage it all.

When I first started working in a post production house, I started out as a rotoscoping artist, from there I worked my way up through the ranks and found my true calling, being a post producer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, so I have a thorough understanding of how digital artists work. With my producing experience I understand budget, timelines, and the client's views and needs. 

I am the bridge between the artists and the clients. Being a post producer I am here to insure that the end result is the best product possible. 

Furthermore I have a firm understanding of the technology and what it takes to create content for television, film, and the web. I have designed complicated workflows for post production companies and films. I am also able to manage camera workflows, codecs, distribution, and archival. I have designed and managed XSAN shared storage environments, constructed render farms, and designed color workflows. I am proficient with film and digital camera files and know all the major delivery specifications for both regional and national networks.

With extensive experience in the Phoenix market, I have worked on several successful campaigns for clients such as Lexus, Arizona State Lottery, Cable One, Arizona State University, Embry Riddle, Mid-First Bank, Speed Channel, and the History Channel.